Student Review: iPhone 6 Plus

 Donald Quach, Information Technology (IT) Student Tech Associate, owns the new iPhone 6 Plus. A golden apple of his eye, it is the 64 gigabyte (GB) option in gold color.

Quach’s overall impression?

“I like it. It works,” he says with confidence. “I wanted to just get the newest one. I’m on the solid number jump,” referring to his upgrade from the iPhone 5.

“My favorite thing has got to be the screen size,” he says. The phone is “on point and perfect” for streaming its media content, like his favorite app Netflix. The high-definition Retina display is another score. “There’s a noticeable difference. The screen looks a lot clearer and definitely better,” he says.

The grey keys on the side of the keyboard, however, did not seem to be useful. “I’m not used to the new keyboard layout,” Quach says.

Quach is unconvinced about the bending squabble online. The unforgiving Internet is keen on videos of people bending their iPhone 6 to prove a point, leaving it malformed.

For his phone, “I’m like, no it didn’t bend! And friends try to bend my phone for fun. I’m like, whatever!” Quach says with a smile. He leaves it in his front pocket instead of the back and is not worried.

Which iPhone would Quach recommend?

“It really comes down to whether the user wants to hold a larger phone or not,” he explains. “The iPhone 6 fits right in your hand, whereas the Plus is a drastic change because you have to use two hands.”

Matthew Mitchell, IT Help Desk Consultant, also weighs in on his opinion of the Plus. He switched from an iPhone 4 to a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a phone he still finds to be more functional. “It gave me the availability to run different software on it, it has twice as good of a processor, and it has more RAM,” he observes.

“I don’t think [the larger screen is] really that great, honestly. It navigates away from Steve Job’s original vision of the iPhone. The whole intention was that you could use it in one hand,” Mitchell continues. “[However,] it’s all about how you’re going to use your phone. If you like Apple, then go for it. It’s simple, easy, and gets what you need to get done, done.”

Mitchell also debunks the roaring talk about bendable iPhones. “It’s definitely something blown out of proportion. I think if you use the phone normally, you’re not going to have any problems whatsoever. Why would you be putting it in your back pocket to sit on in the first place? I would never do that.”

Something that we can all fully agree on about the iPhone 6 Plus, “You’re not going to have this phone between two posts and have pressure going down the middle of it,” says Mitchell.

Allie Teaze
News Editor

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