Lambda Raises Awareness with “Celebrate Bisexuality Day”

On Wednesday, September 23 Lambda Alliance, in collaboration with ASUCM and UCM faculty, will be hosting “Celebrate Bisexuality Day” in honor of Bisexuality Awareness Week. For the past three days Lambda has been tabling for their event by asking people what stereotypes the bisexual community faces not just from the student body but also from within the LGBT+ community itself.

Lambda Alliance Historian, Israel Alonso, explains that often the bisexual community is considered “greedy” or “promiscuous” as they create physical and emotional connections to more than one gender, unlike people who only form those connections with one gender. Additionally, bisexual people are often mistaken as either homosexual or heterosexual depending on who their current partner is. Alonso recalls that he has witnessed instances of this bias even on our campus.

“I think it’s mostly that people are uninformed,” says Alonso. He hopes that this event will help break down those barriers and allow people to move past their prejudice.

Lambda held a similar event two years ago and the response was largely positive. They are hopeful that they’ll get an even bigger turnout than last time.

Lambda is also looking forward to their upcoming event in October, “National Coming Out Day,” which will feature anonymous readings from our fellow Bobcat LGBT+ and Ally communities. Additionally, Lambda will have their first general meeting on Thursday, September 17, between 8pm and 10pm in the Alpine Room.

“Celebrating Bisexuality Day” will take place on Scholar’s Lane near the Office of Student Life between 11:30am and 2:30pm. Additionally, Lambda will be posting their bisexuality education video featuring UCM staff and faculty on their Facebook page: LambdaAllianceatUCM 


Sierra Williams
Writing Manager


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