PH 207 Introduction to Public Health Quantitative Analysis

Offered:  Spring 2014, Fall 2015

This graduate-level course is designed to introduce students to (1) basic statistical concepts and (2) to statistical programming with Stata and SPSS (and sometimes SAS).  This class also introduces students to the structure of public health datasets such as the NHIS, NHANES, or CHIS, as well as to Census data structures.  This class is designed to prepare students for the sociology/psychology quantitative series.

Prerequisites: Students should have taken an introductory statistics course at the undergraduate level before enrolling.

Undergraduate students who have taken Psych 10 or its equivalent, and who are seeking advanced training on statistical programming may enroll in this class with the permission of the instructor.

Due to the nature of the class, students may not audit this class.  This class has limited enrollment, permission of the instructor is required if the student is not a Public Health graduate student.


Formerly PSY 290 Seminar on Methods for Public Health Analysis