Ampersand talks Steamy Summer Sex

 As the months progress and spring cums (get it?) to an end, the ever so dreaded 100-plus degree days begin to creep up on us. With heat comes sweat, and when mixed with sex the whole thing can turn into one giant slip ‘n’ slide.

However, according to psychologist Stella Resnick, “Heat relaxes your muscles, heightens skin sensation, and causes you to slow down and get in touch with your more languid, sultry side.” Making the summer one of the most hot and steamy seasons for sex, literally.

It’s hard to cuddle let alone have sex during the summer when your are oozing sweat from every pore. At every turn it may seem like the summer weather is driving a big sweaty wedge between you and your partner’s sex life which means you have to come to a very real conclusion: you gotta really like your sex friend, and you gotta REALLY like their sweat.

Although you might be interested to know that some stimulating pheromones are secreted when you sweat, it doesn’t always help make the process any simpler.

Try using the sweat as a type of lubricant for your bodies. It can help with insertion or even foreplay. Tease them with your eyes and body; rub your chest against theirs, look them in the eye while you do it and see what happens. Sweat can add an extra flush to your skin and body, which stimulate and heighten the mood.

Turn on the air conditioning, invest in some high-velocity fans, and buy some loose clothing because this summer is going to be HOT! And so will your sex life if you know how to use the heat and sweat to your advantage.

Either way, enjoy yourself 😉

Summer Sex Experiences:

Her:    “There comes a time in the summer when the heat is just too much! I remember when I couldn’t even cuddle with my manfriend because it was too hot and we were too sweaty so we would hold pinkies. We would only do the hanky panky if all the fans were powered on at full blast.”

Him:   “Waaaaaa, sex in the summer is great. Especially since it’s hot out so the only place you can really have sex comfortably is in public. Duh.”

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