Review of the Stanislaus County Fair!

The Stanislaus County Fair, located at the Turlock Fairgrounds, is home to great performances, rides, animal shows, exhibits, and a variety of tasty foods.

The fair has excellent exhibits which showcase some of the talents around the county with art, paintings, and photography. Also, there is a garden area and a new interactive butterfly exhibit which has been one of the top stops of the fair this year! Make sure to check it out if you are planning on visiting in the future. In addition, the animals are back at the fair, and it is as adorable and fun to see as always!

The Stanislaus County fair is exactly what you think when you think of a small town fair with the scent of fresh funnel cake wafting through the air. The nightly performances, which begin at 8:30 pm each night are free. It is always worthwhile to find out about new musicians and enjoy the atmosphere with fellow members of the community.

On Sunday, the final day of the fair, if you arrived at the venue before 3pm, you could get in for free! I would definitely say it is worth paying the fair a visit since it is quite close by, maybe a forty minute drive from Merced, and it brings together an incredible community dedicated to improving the fair every year and deepening the sense of togetherness that is cherished in small country towns like Turlock.

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Eshita Nandini
Staff Writer

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