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Trifecta talk at MSU College of Communications Arts and Sciences

I gave a talk early this month at Trifecta Technology and Innovation for Health, at MSU’s College of Communications Arts and Sciences about some of the research going on with my collaborators there. I presented ongoing research on online health information seeking behavior (HISB) that examines various online channels (emailing providers, talking about health in chat… Read More »

The American Public Health Association 2015 annual meeting

I had a very insightful time at APHA in Chicago this year, I came away with more ideas for projects to start here in the SJV and had very helpful talks with other researchers.  Jennifer Mendiola presented several of the analyses we are working on at APHA. We presented as part of the three sections:… Read More »

Guest Lecture on the Latino Paradox at Washington and Lee University

I had fun today discussing the Latino paradox, the healthy immigrant effect, and California’s demographic changes in an online lecture with students in Dr. Lynn Chin’s Sociology 290: Health and Inequality: an Introduction to Medical Sociology class at Washington and Lee University. I presented some of my current, ongoing research on differences between first, second,… Read More »